Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A few months ago I was optimistic enough to believe that this DVD would be out "early 2009".

Well, unlike older releases, no accidents have happened to any of the people involved in this (YET).

So, what's the idea?

The idea is best described as "no money no honey".

In particular, sales are going to hell in general.
ALL my wholesale customers have dumped me and my retail ones seem to be broke for ever.

So, it's all a matter of money and nothing else.
I'm just trying to raise the funds to pay all the relevant bills as I hate owing people money.
I could just go ahead and release it and keep people waiting to get their money till I get enough money but this is NOT my style.
I raise cash FIRST and THEN I proceed with the production.

This goddamn recession has affected dvd buyers too, obviously.

So, according to my current estimations, it should be out middle April the earliest or middle May the latest.